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2014-04-15 Service introduction in France

On April 15th 2014, HET presented, its engineering services in the fields of railway and crane technology, hydrogen and fuel cell (using also for the EMF Citylog) on the TRA in Paris.

TRA (Transport Research Arena) is the most important conference in the transport sector in Europe. The main topics of the conference are consistent with the power spectrum of HET: freight and passenger transport, particularly in terms of energy, environment and safety. Many of the speakers and exhibitors (trade exhibition and congress) came from France, but also representatives from other european countries were present.

The participation of HET at the TRA was well received from companies as well as from research institutions. Many constructive conversations made ‚Äč‚Äčthe participation of HET to a complete success.


                        Paris TRA April2014 016   Paris TRA April2014 036


           Paris TRA April2014 038   Paris TRA April2014 022   Paris TRA April2014 017



2014-01-16 "Climate Alliance"-Company

HET was recorded to the Climate Alliance (Klimab√ľndnis) Salzburg in 2013 in addition to 16 other companies.
On Jan. 16th 2014 the recording event took place in Hallwang, where the participants were greeted with some introducing words by LH-Stv. Dr. A. Rössler and Bgm.-Stv. of Salzburg City, C. Homola. Every member got a certificate, than input-lectures about climate change in companies and communities were given.
More information on this and about the Climate Alliance in general under www.klimabuendnis.at.


Gruppenfoto Aufnahmeveranstaltung Klimabuendnis kl  Klimabuendnis Urkunde kl


The low-energy construction of the new building as well as the development of environment-friendly vehicle concepts and technologies (special orientation on hydrogen) were decisive for the decision. Mr. Ing. Pr√∂ll (Klimab√ľndnis) mentioned the Citylog as a really innovative development. At the new building the LED-lighting, the low heating requirement and others were mentioned. HET is connecting to the local heating requirement, so we save about 15to of CO2 per year.


Fernwaermeversorgung CO2-Einsparung kl



July 2013: Attention! Adress change!

HET moved


You can reach us from the 22nd of July at:


Eisenhutstrasse 3

5202 Neumarkt a.W. / Austria

+43 6216/21136


Gebaude Neumarkt 1 kl  Gebaeude Neumarkt 2 kl

the new company building at Neumarkt a.W.


air view:

HET Luftansicht kl  Schloss Sighartstein kl

HET and at immediate procimity castle Sighartstein




March 2013: News from Citylog




2012-10-24 Award "Jobs through innovation"

HET Verkehrstechnik wurde zum Landessieger der Ausschreibung "Arbeitspl√§tze durch Innovation" gew√§hlt, welche von der FFG (√Ėsterr. Forschungs-F√∂rderungsgesellschaft) und dem BMVIT (Bundesministerium f√ľr Verkehr, Innovation und Technologie) verliehen wird. Pr√§miert werden Unternehmen, die aufgrund ihrer Forschungs- und Entwicklungsarbeiten neue Arbeitspl√§tze schaffen.



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