EMF Citylog

EMF Citylog is an environment friendly and flexible transportation vehicle for usage at sensible traffic areas like inner cities or event places. The Austria Wirtschaftsservice supports the project at development and realization.

EMF Citylog (Electronic-mulit-funktion-vehicle) consists of single “wagons”, which can be linked to a “train” with an electronic shaft for transportation of persons and goods. Each car is constructed modularly and is equipped with proper drive and energy supply (e-vehicle with fuel cell). The first “wagon” of a "train" is equipped with the driver's cabin and controls all linked cars. The fast decoupling resp. coupling in of single “wagons” is possible at any time.
Each vehicle is designed for a total weight of 2000 kg. Three of such vehicles as a “train” are conform with a 6-to truck, but as compared with a truck, the Citylog have many benefits.

The first prototype was ready in 2012. Since this time, HET and development partners works on adaptions and researches on further innovative technologies for the EMF Citylog.

The benefits at a look: eco-friendly, quiet, capable, flexible

Cooperation partners:
HET is responsible for the whole concept and develops an own engine- and control concept. From the beginning on, the project was accompanied by:

  • DLR (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft und Raumfahrtechnik, Stuttgart/GER): Adaption of the fuel cell from usage at the space to teh street
  • TU Wien: Technical support and documentation
  • Design-office Phormolog OG: Concept of the innovative design for the first prototype