HET Hochleistungs-Eisenbahn und Transporttechnik Entwicklungs-GmbH (HET Engineering)

HET is an engineering-company with high R&D-competences at the field of railway technology, development of converting-systems (container-converting-systems for the combined traffic, cranes) and also alternative drive- and energy storage (fuel cell).

HET does research in these areas in cooperation with European universities and research institutions with a view to the further development of its products, especially the "CityLog EMF" and the "Mobile Container Converter". But also engineering services benefits from this innovations and HET develops special innovations for customers.

2006 was the start of HET Engineering, 2013 a new bureau for the now about 15 employees was built. These employees are all good-educated at automotive- and railway-technology as well as for control engineering.


ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management)
DIN EN 15085-2 (Welding of railway)  
Member of „Fachverband Ingenieurbüros“
Member at "Klimabündnis Austria" 

You can find a presentation of HET on our folder.

HET Heiz- und Energietechnik Entwicklungs-GmbH (HET Energy Tech)

The partner companies HET Engineering and HET Energietechnik works together very close, to offer the clients a wide range on knowhow and services.

The slogan “Together we are strong”, both companies link traffic and classic plant engineering with energy technology. New heating systems and drive systems (fuel cell) for railway or extraction technology at the plant engineering or for heating systems are only a few examples for the big amount of connecting work-areas and project possibilities.