MCC - Mobile Container-Converter

The requests on modern logistic-systems get more and more demanding – flexibility, time and cost reduction, safety of environment, CO2-reduction etc. With help of FFG (Österreichische Forschungsförderungs-GmbH) and efre (Europäischer Fond für regionale Entwicklung), HET developed such a solution:
The mobile container-converter (MCC) enables the transfer from container between truck, train and floor with efficiency. Also stacking of two containers on floor or truck (usage especially in the USA) is possible without problems. The advantages of street- and rail-freight traffic can be combined with the MCC, without taking time wasting transshipments. The system consists of a simple, narrow and – because of the use of special materials – light construction on the truck, which is combined with sophisticated sensors. So the MCC is insensitive to position errors up to +/- 7 degree or +/- 30 mm from truck to train. The retractable outrigger hits the wagon always exactly, also with the named position errors. The MCC is useable for all standard-ISO-container up to 45 to. Because of his simple fixing directly on the truck, the MCC doesn’t need a railroad yard like other systems and his prime costs are relatively low.
A special advantage of the MCC towards other systems on the market is the usage on both sides. Interesting customers – mostly Austrian carrier – was involved in the project from the beginning. So the needs of the later customers was known from the beginning and could be integrated to the con-ception of MCC.

Loading truck - container

Loading truck - rail

Loading truck - floor