Mobile Biogas system

The Mobile Biogas system, based on container, enables the energetic usage of organic waste directly at the "point of biomass".
The integration of this system in existing energy grids offers a regional solution for yet unused energy resources. With the gained biogas you can generate heat and/or electricity and this means an essential contribution to the CO2-reduction and energy autarky of a region.


  • Usage of standard ISO container (20’, 40’)
  • Low place needed – container can be stapled
  • Fast transportation of the container – possible with MCC (mobile container converter from HET)
  • Cost-saving because of direct local recycling of waste
  • Whole procedure in a closed system – no stuff for loading necessary


Brewer’s grains fermentation


The Mobigas-container get adapted in cooperation between HET and FH Wels especially at the brewer’s grains fermentation. This adaption-project is demand by FFG (Österreichische Forschungs-förderungs-GmbH / Austrian development sponsorship Ltd.).

The container (20‘, 40‘) get filled up with brewer’s grains with help of a connected pipe-system from the system to the fermentation container. Pipe-switches distribute the grains flexible in the container. (Picture 1)
The fermentation-process begins with an aerobe condition (ventilation through air nozzle). While this process the temperature climbs up to about 70°C. The real gas-production takes place at an anaerobe condition (without air) at temperatures between 32 and 42°C. The gas production needs about 4 weeks. (Picture 2)
The gas gets guided to the control-container over tubes and will be used in a CHP (current- and heat-winning). 10 fermentation-container could be linked with one control-container (control, CHP, gas-buffer).
In the end-process the material gets aired once again. The temperature rises again up to 60 – 70°C, so the material is hygiene now.
After the process, the material will be eliminated with a snail conveyance from the container to a truck or others.  (Picture 3)

The further usage of the brewers grain has to be clarified.