Process for discharging of finely-granulated bulk

The required lots of bulk material for different industries (e.g. steel production) can be up to several 10.000 tons daily. These quantities are to be supplied by wagons and procured to the further process.
For this, HET has developed the “emission-free bulk discharging” in cooperation with the institute for extraction technology at the Montan-University Leoben and with support of the FFG (Österreichische Forschungsförderungs-GmbH).
Based on a cooperation with an international industrial-partner, HET is in the position to further develop the dust- and noise-avoiding technique over the funding-period through FFG to a dust free pellet loading system. Target of the cooperation is also the positioning of HET as a system-supplier for railway-logistics at iron and steel work-systems.

Because of the oscillatory motion of the screen the bulk moves on the spiral conveyor, where the bulk gets transported in direction of the holding-conveyor. (Picture 1, 2)
Beside free material with different pass- and conveyor capability, HET also works on the delivery of together-grown material, e.g. frozen metallurgical grade coal, without crushing or destroying the material. So the machine-concept is universal-using for each bulk.  Moreover, the discharge-behavior of the machine from HET offers the possibility to differentiate particle sizes also outside of bunker- and screen-systems.
A flexible conveyor-crane was also developed, which makes possible the compact connection of conveyor-technic on a bearing-vehicle (crane, digger). A safe and controlled material-transport is assured even over vertical falls. The curvature of the conveyor-crane could be telescoped individual, which means a significant reduction of kinetic energy of the bulk. So the material will not dash against the wagon with full impact, which in turn reduces the crushing of the bulk and the dust formation.  And the noise will stay under the lawfully border. (Picture 3)
The Montan-University Leoben was decisive involved in doing simulations on computer, which shows the benefits (less crushing of the material – means less dust and noise) of an elastic conveyor belt (inside the conveyor-crane). (Picture 4)


  • Environment-friendly (“bulk-discharge under bulk")
  • High energy-efficient
  • Flexible using (different railway- stages)
  • Integration-capability in existing logistic systems