Fuel Cell Drive

With the development of fuel-cell driven transportation-vehicles, HET occupies an innovative task field with only a few competitors. At the beginning, HET developed his own transportation vehicle for the street – EMF Citylog. Since this development, the optained know how for fuel cell technology has been used for refurbishments and new developments of railway locomotives as well as buses for the street. All these projects are handled in cooperation with the clients in order to meet their special demands from the beginning and to be able to offer each customer the right solution.

Following the successful completion of the project "E-Hybridloco", a few concepts for Austrian railways (freight / passenger transport) and buses are being developed and implemented. HET also got international demand for the refurbishment and new building of shunting and other locomotives based on fuel cell-hybrid-drive. At the moment we can't say more, but so much should be said: In the area of the hydrogen / fuel cell hybrid electric drive, HET will be innovating over the next few years!